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Introduction A house truly becomes a home when you surround yourself with the people that you love. If that is not, or is no longer, an option you have...


A house truly becomes a home when you surround yourself with the people that you love. If that is not, or is no longer, an option you have but one alternative; filling your home with a variety of office furniture and homely décor to supplement your life with possessions to fill the void left when your offspring flee the nest or when the partner that was never meant to be leaves you for someone with a better home office… because that is definitely the reason for your crippling loneliness.

It’s the Same Really

Regardless of the reason or indeed absence of reason, finding affordable home furniture is always a great option as opposed to going upmarket and spending copious amounts of money on what is effectively the same thing. Lets face it; an Ikea desk is pretty much the same as a designer one from Swoon Editions. It opens, it stores, it looks somewhat fancy and there is a range to choose from courtesy of Sweden’s finest mass production facility. At the end of the day you still get the bragging rights of saying that your desk is handmade, and beauty really is in the eye of the beholder in terms of desk design. Saying that the desk is ‘handmade and from Sweden’ may just impress your friends yet, just remember to put that bumper sticker you have laying around in your garage from your birthday several years ago over the raised Ikea letters.


Ikea’s Just Not For Me

If the humble Swedish furniture isn’t your speed, perhaps too proud or not technically adept enough to assemble such a monolithic task, there are alternatives! Living in Michigan we have an array of talented professional home and office suppliers on our doorstep. Finding Affordable Living Room And Home Office Furniture In Michigan can be challenging, but with businesses such as All Star Interiors at hand; the process is less taxing. There website comes with a complete virtual tour with 360 degree rotation, enabling you to see the products in their set designed showrooms to give you a reference as to size.

Michigan’s Finest

Vandrie Home Furnishings is another great example, sporting the slogan “You’ll like the look, you’ll love the price”. I believe there slogan comes with a modicum of modesty given their product range, frankly I love the look of their Sedona Bookcase with a slated glass and oak with a neat rustic aesthetic. Their prices are generally severe reductions of the listed prices and they constantly have offers that will beat most other suppliers in MI. They also have a 110% price guarantee which isn’t exactly explained on their website, and actually portrays the message that it is an anti-deal; but with prices like $399 for a real oak bookcase you can hardly go wrong.

Too Pricey

If the prices are still too steep you can always utilize eBay, Amazon or the trusty Ikea website. In addition you could save money on shipping by finding free shipping coupons via websites such as DontPayFull or brush off the dust off of the old catalog and get snipping.

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