Increased Productivity and Health Benefits of Using Ergonomically Designed Office Chairs

The chair you use for work has a big impact on your health and your productivity or motivation while at work. If you have a desk job and spend...

The chair you use for work has a big impact on your health and your productivity or motivation while at work. If you have a desk job and spend most of your time sitting, you need a chair that works for your body. One of the benefits of ergonomically designed chairs is that they are designed to provide comfort to the important parts of your back, arms, legs and neck. Regardless of where your office is, either at home or in a company office, proper support helps you perform your job duties better.

Better Low Back Support

Your low back has a lot of pressure put on it when you spend considerable amounts of time sitting. While you’re working, supporting your low back helps protect it. You can protect yourself from pulled muscles, pressure-related degeneration, and irritation of prior back injuries. Having the necessary support while working from your home or traditional office leads to fewer missed days of work due to low-back pain.


Shoulder/Neck Support

How stiff do you feel at the end of your workday from sitting in typing position all day? If you had the right office chair and supporting equipment to begin your day, you’d be much less sore. When you don’t have support in the shoulder and neck area, your muscles spend more time in a contracted state than a relaxed state.

Extended periods of muscle contraction can cause muscle knots. These are painful and can also cause migraines, neck stiffness, and increased inflammation in irritated areas.

Happier Staff

Regardless if you are an at-home worker or a traditionally employed worker, you’re happier when you have a proper workspace with proper equipment. If your employer provides an ergonomic chair that helps prevent body strain injuries and increases your comfort, you are more likely to stay with that employer longer. Some employers working with remote workers do provide office equipment, and it is ideal to request ergonomic office furniture in Minneapolis MN, or anywhere in the world to help you perform your job better.

Higher Work Outputs

When you are more comfortable at your workstation, your productivity and efficiency increase. You are able to set your mind to “work mode”, create a proper to-do list and complete tasks in less time because you don’t have a “need” to distract yourself. The quality of the work you complete is also likely to increase too.

According to a study completed by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries shows that productivity increased by 15-percent in situations where ergonomic office furniture is used.

Closing Thoughts

For those with arthritis, inflammatory diseases, chronic pain, or other debilitating health conditions, a properly designed chair can help technically disabled persons work longer outside of their homes. If your office chair is less than comfortable, approach the boss and ask for an upgrade to the existing furnishings. If your main office is at home, try sitting in several ergonomic office chairs before purchasing to ensure that you will have the most support and comfort possible.

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