Child Proofing Your Deck

When the weather warms up, toddlers and young children love to spend time outdoors. If you have a deck, there is a concern that young kids could fall off...
Child Proofing

When the weather warms up, toddlers and young children love to spend time outdoors. If you have a deck, there is a concern that young kids could fall off the deck or have a serious injury as a result of an unsafe deck. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to make sure your deck is safe for your kids to play on. Use the following tips to help make your deck safer for your kids.

Use Gates to keep your kids from falling off the stairs, you should use some safety gates. Use safety gates on the stairs or any area where the child could fall off the deck. Look at the different safety gate options and purchase one that will be easy for you to use, but will not be easy for a child to use. Install your safety gate securely to the deck posts and always have the door swing inward.

Child Proofing
This way the door will not cause a child to fall down the stairs when they are walking through it. Make sure the gate has a lock so a child cannot open it without your knowledge. Create Balcony Shields child should not be able to place their head through the posts of the deck. If your deck posts are too far apart, you need to use balcony shields to help keep a child from slipping through them.

You can build your own shields by using durable materials like hardier board. Hardier boards are much more durable compared to other wood materials. Unlike wood, which can become susceptible to rot from moisture and pests, hardier boards will not rot. Yearly maintenance is often required with most wood materials to prevent the deck from rotting and breaking, but not for Hardier boards.

You can also create a shield with netting or Plexiglas. The goal is to use something that can be properly secured to the inside of the deck so a child will be unable to fit through the posts .Plants You can try using plants on the deck around all the posts. This can create a natural shield that will keep a child from getting too close to the posts. Use larger flower pots that will keep a child at least a foot away from the edges. Secure the pots to the deck so they won’t move if a child bumps into them.

Lock the Door sit is important to keep your kids from going outside unsupervised. If they know how to unlock doors, place an additional lock higher up on the door. Another lock on the door can keep your kids from getting outside the house and onto the deck without your knowledge.

Talk to your kids about the importance of always having an adult with them when they are going outside onto the deck. Carpet the Deck Wooden decks can cause splinters, and decks can become hot when the sun shines on them all day.

You can prevent these problems by adding outdoor carpet to the deck. If you don’t want to add carpeting to the deck, make sure your kids always wear sandals or shoes when they go outside. It is important that you always go with your kids when they go outside because you will need to make sure they are not putting themselves in dangerous situations.

This article was written by Jared Mired, father and home handyman.  When getting their home ready for little ones, he and his wife got hardy plank installation from Home Exterior Systems to prevent rot and splinters for little fingers and toes.

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