• Flea Removal

    5 Effective Flea Removal Tips for Homeowners

    Often fleas can enter your home because of your pets. Fleas like warm, dark places and tend to cling to animals when they are outside. Unfortunately this may cause your entire home to become infested very quickly. Fleas are also very difficult to catch since they are flat and...
  • Getting Rid of Dust

    5 Easy Steps for Getting Rid of Dust in Your Home

    Most homeowners don’t spend undue time worrying about the dust that tends to collect indoors. We all clean as regularly as possible, dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing surfaces, but dust is an ongoing problem that we mostly ignore. However, there are some people who take umbrage with the collection of...
  • double glazing

    5 Benefits of Double Glazing

    Double Glazing is often the first improvement that people think of when it comes to large-scale home improvement. And, for those concerned that these modern units will look out of place on older homes, there is now a wealth of designs on hand to match that of any property....